City Guide

Trikora / Bintan, Indonesia


An hour by boat across the straight plus an hour by land through the gentle slopes of Bintan, hides a refuge that is Trikora. Known for its long stretch of white beach dotted with picturesque huge boulders, Trikora beach is a lovely area to take things slow.

From a row of shacks in 2009, the beach resort still keeps a modest charisma despite the big move of redesigning the entire place a couple of years ago. Notwithstanding the bare necessities of furnishings strewn here and there, the cottages’ high ceiling, white-washed fixtures, and reclaimed wood materials give the same old organic feel and open ambiance.

Outside the pleasant rooms and cozy nooks, there are hammocks hanging between the trees that barricade the white sand. The same hammocks that keep the salt breeze at bay and mark the line for the radically moving tides also act as a quiet refuge for some serious downtime.

After feasting on local catch meal after meal and rubbing the sand between your toes, what else can we do in this beach resort? Well, nothing much. Which is exactly the point of crossing the slopes of Bintan: to escape the city’s organized chaos and to surrender to a slow weekend of conscious inebriation, of doing nothing.

Admittedly, a certain amount of courage is needed to keep still; but when you try to do so in a place as serenely beautiful as Trikora, you are instantly rewarded with a changed outlook. There really are times when you need to slow down and just let things come to you.

Desa Teluk Bakau, Trikora Beach, Bintan Island, Indonesia 29153; +62 659 8378533;



Words by Ron Cruz

Photography by Franz Navarrete