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A Tinseltown Trip / Los Angeles, California

As a Singaporean whose country is always affectionately known as the “little red dot” on the world’s map, Los Angeles was a place that was way too big for me. It was a ratio of 1 to infinity. Everything here is huge-the roads and buildings in LA are thrice as wide as what I was used to seeing back home. Even the food portions in restaurants and the pigeons in the sky are twice the size than what I was accustomed with. It is a city with endless trails of surprises and possibilities. I found out that it could be dangerously fun while taking detours at Downtown LA, where we stayed. Skidrow Street is known to be sketchy and I can see why-there was a pervasive smell of pee along the alleys, many wandering hobos, and shifty-eyed strangers. But it is the fastest route to Little Tokyo and the place where many awesome food chains and fun events are held. About two blocks away, there is a shop called The Last Book Store, where you …


No such thing as bad weather / Mount Rainier

“Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” -John Ruskin After three days of sunshine in Portland, we drove to our rented cabin in Packwood, Washington. Along the way, we met with bouts of rain, which felt like a sign of the coming two days we would spend just outside Mount Rainier National Park. The plan was to get a couple of days of hiking in before heading back to Seattle. I was especially looking forward to Skyline Trail from Paradise, which was a 5.5 mile trail that would take us four hours through views of Mount Rainier’s peak, Nisqually Glacier, and valleys of subalpine wildflowers. Alas, the weather on Rainier had other plans. The days we spent in and around the National Park were heavy with fog, and almost always raining. Looking back now, it felt like nature’s way of telling us to rest. Since parts of Skyline Trail were snowed in, we took …