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exploring Singapore on bike

Discovering Bike Trails and Joy / Singapore

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” ― John Muir When I was much younger, I remember visiting the province and stepping into a river for the first time. I planted my feet firmly and stood still, cautious that the current might cause me to fall. Instead, the river decided to greet me with comfort. The movement of the water felt purposeful, almost as if it knew me and carried away all the petty worries I had as a youth. It’s still one of my favorite memories. That encounter with nature left me feeling connected and cleansed – and all it took was for me to show up. As the years went by, my encounters with nature became rare. Modern life presented itself, and any yearning for the wild was put on hold to make way for other important responsibilities. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I found a simple remedy, which still works best for me to this day. In rediscovering the bicycle, a beloved object from …


Privé / Singapore

Privé offers a laid back alfresco dining experience amidst a lush garden setting of the refreshed Chijmes. This standalone pavilion features natural furnishings and charming decor details that add to its French vibe. The distinctive round structure encourages patrons to look out and enjoy the greenery past its walls. The glass walls enable guests to do so without having to sacrifice comfort as one can opt to stay in the air-conditioned hall. Still, it is highly advisable to experience the relaxing atmosphere of Privé out in the open. This quaint restaurant offers casual Western cuisine coupled with fuss-free service. Their abundant choices of pastas, pizzas, and all-day breakfast will vie for your attention, along with their signature items of gourmet burgers, milkshakes, and the famous eggs Benedict. From their picturesque socializing area right down to their photogenic food dishes, Privé seems to be the best location in the city central for a memorable alfresco experience. 30 Victoria Street, Singapore 187996; +65 6337 7810; Words by Evita Limlengco Photography by Franz Navarrete


Supplies & Co. / Singapore

Tightly-curated and thoughtfully laid-out, Supplies & Co. is a lifestyle boutique that specializes in a rather eclectic mix of stylish and functional home products. Currently located in Orchard Boulevard’s Park House, Supplies & Co. prides itself in consistent quality and timeless design with their handpicked items. Featuring clothing, cutlery, scents, home decor, and sofas, the shop’s thrust on dedication to quality is apparent as most products are of international brands from Japan, the US, and UK. Founders Danny and WJ Tan gave their shop a homey feel with earthy tones, soft lighting, ample space to move around, and easy jazz music playing in the background. With occasional artworks adorning the store’s walls, it also gives customers the calming ambiance of an art gallery. Patrons are called to meditate on the craftsmanship of its goods, thereby providing buyers with more than a simple shopping experience. Visit Supplies & Co. especially when you are looking to spruce up your space with style and elegance. Park House, 21 Orchard Boulevard, 1-23 SINGAPORE 248645;   Words by Evita Limlengco Photography by …

lyold inn

Lloyd’s Inn / Singapore

Sometimes, all it takes is a new perspective. Indulge in space and light in this tranquil boutique hotel perfect for a relaxing getaway. A combination of minimalist design approach and raw architecture with refreshing touches of nature makes this an ideal spot, even with its location near bustling Orchard Road. The rooms feature clean lines, stripped-down amenities, and an open-concept shower to entice guests to commune with nature – without compromising privacy, of course. The holistic vision of the hotel is also apparent in their roof pantry, garden deck, and dipping pool. Lloyd’s Inn is proof that basic elements and luxury standards can harmoniously come together to offer patrons an invigorating experience. 2 Lloyd Rd, Singapore 239091; 6737 7309;  Words by Evita Limlengco Photography by Veronica Mok

necessary prov

Necessary Provisions / Singapore

Merriam-Webster defines the word provisions as a supply of food and other things that are needed. For caffeine lovers out in the West of Singapore, they would know all too well what is needed. Nestled deep in the heart of a residential estate, Necessary Provisions is a cafe that understands your daily coffee fix. While their location at Bukit Timah is extremely inaccessible as you would either need a car to go there or make a long trek on foot, the cafe prides itself of a strong following. The food menu is simple and earnest, serving baked goodies, snack plates, and beer on tap. The notable thing here is the cafe’s ambience. The cafe hosts a relaxed environment for out-of-office work or some leisure reading. The interiors offer just the right amount of quiet you need-surreal lighting, dark walls, streaming light, and hushed music contribute to this vibe. There is a big, round communal table in the shop’s center, with stacks of magazine for you to peruse. One can take their time lounging here as …

one olive

One Olive / Singapore

A passion for nature and beauty is their license for a successful venture. For One Olive owners Amy Yap and Nikki Yapp, their shop literally offers patrons a piece of quaint freshness as they craft bespoke flowers and provide events floral design. One Olive exudes effortless charm brought about by the flowers’ simple elegance and the jazz music playing in the background adds more to this aura. Old trunks and wooden tables display their delicate produce while decorative vases showcase their handmade creations. This peaceful oasis of greenery and splashes of color will surely inject a sense of joy, romance, or nostalgia into your day. 61 Seng Poh Lane, Singapore 160061; +65 6779 3543; Words by Evita Limlengco Photography by Franz Navarrete


Botanic Gardens / Singapore

More than 150-year-old, the Singapore Botanic Gardens was recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This cool, vast greenery features swaths of virgin rainforest, a relaxing swan lake, and pretty gazebos littered around the area. 1 Cluny Road, Singapore 259569; Words by Evita Limlengco Photography by Franz Navarrete


BooksActually / Singapore

BooksActually is an independent bookstore that curates a great selection of literary pieces, including unique books and magazines. The quirky but homey atmosphere of this place is always a welcome surprise to visitors. The shop itself is filled with charming details, such as wooden boxes, potted plants, and roaming cats (to the delight of cat lovers out there!) Apart from books, they also sell antiques, stationery, canvas bags, and various trinkets. Be sure to allot a good 2-3 hours to explore the shelves and tables displaying numerous enticing finds. 9 Yong Siak St, Singapore 168645; +65 6222 9195; Kenny Leck, co-founder of BooksActually, invites you to browse through their rare print finds. Words by Evita Limlengco Photography by Mathieu Tan & Gladys Soh


Gillman Barracks / Singapore

Entering Gillman Barracks for the first time may leave you slightly bewildered. Low-rise, pre-war colonial architecture dot the arts belt with its whitewashed facade. Enigmatic and still, the apparent allure of this place is really more about a soulful vibe. The quiet placidity of this bohemian 6.4-hectare development may seem intimidating at first. However, we urge you to move beyond its romantic veneer and explore every threshold. Gillman Barracks is a conserved military barracks that has been turned into a contemporary arts cluster. As a joint initiative among three organizations, huge aspirations are in place for the two-year-old project development. Truth be told, the site is still coming into its own. Yet, this is precisely what gives the place its intimate scale. To get the most out of the galleries, go in with a proactive and curious mind. The lack of signage on the building exterior to guide you through the space actually calls for your creative mind to wander. If you really need a clue though, start trekking from Block 9 or Block 47. The two buildings house some of our favorite galleries like the acclaimed Michael …