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A Tinseltown Trip / Los Angeles, California

As a Singaporean whose country is always affectionately known as the “little red dot” on the world’s map, Los Angeles was a place that was way too big for me. It was a ratio of 1 to infinity. Everything here is huge-the roads and buildings in LA are thrice as wide as what I was used to seeing back home. Even the food portions in restaurants and the pigeons in the sky are twice the size than what I was accustomed with. It is a city with endless trails of surprises and possibilities. I found out that it could be dangerously fun while taking detours at Downtown LA, where we stayed. Skidrow Street is known to be sketchy and I can see why-there was a pervasive smell of pee along the alleys, many wandering hobos, and shifty-eyed strangers. But it is the fastest route to Little Tokyo and the place where many awesome food chains and fun events are held. About two blocks away, there is a shop called The Last Book Store, where you …