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Beauty in the Ordinary / Osaka and Kyoto, Japan

A few months ago, my family and I took a 5-day vacation in Japan, visiting the prefectures of Osaka and Kyoto. Even before going there, I have always had a strong fondness for the country and it comes from almost everything it has to offer: the temperate weather, the well-mannered culture of the people, the poetic countryside views, and the modern architecture of its big cities. From the blues of the business suits to the bucket hats of tottering Japanese children, Japan provides beautiful sceneries out of its simple routines. Avoiding crowds by taking the longer, quieter routes through the city, I curated my trip, with the goal of satisfying my love for Japanese serenity. I wanted to find the ordinariness of my subjects’ lives, going through their daily routines: of heading to the bus stop, of returning home from school, of watering their plants – anything that would show both the momentary beauty and supposedly loneliness in mundane tasks. How I went about this task was quite simple: I planned out 3-hour routes around …

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Between Cities / Japan

If I had to pick a favourite country, Japan would be it. With that being said, I’ll proceed with an obviously unbiased account of my trips there. Japan to the average person is mainly known for anime and sashimi, but let me tell you this: I don’t watch anime and I am averse to raw fish. So how is Japan my favourite country if I don’t indulge in these two things? Well, it’s their impeccable attention to detail that I find fascinating. I challenge you to find another Asian country that takes design and aesthetics more seriously than Japan. In Japan, it seems like no expense has been spared in making things look good and working efficiently. Traffic light consoles, directional signs, and even trashcans are well-made. This attention to detail is most apparent when you use their subway systems. You’ll find that trains arrive on time, down to the exact minute. Ah, the trains. You can get to almost any town by rail in Japan. I liken the train rides to a flipbook, where …