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French Perspective Pt 2 / South France

Chamonix, Mont Blanc. Originally, I never thought I would find myself in Geneva. During the early planning, I was considering flying back to London as soon as I completed my Paris and Nice trip. But due to the expensive return airfare, I had to figure out another alternative. The only option I found was to transit through Geneva, Switzerland. The first thing that instantly crossed my mind was the Alps. And so full of curiosity, I decided to make my way back to the French border from Geneva, heading to Chamonix commune, where the Mont Blanc is. From the airport, I took an hour-ride in a minibus that brought me across the spectacular scenery of the Alps. Travelling in a long westbound highway, surrounded by vast grass fields and snowcapped mountains under the summer warmth, nothing could be compared to such an experience. The bus safely reached the Valley of Chamonix around afternoon time. As a town with 10,000 permanent residents, Chamonix had always been a lively place for both summer and winter seasons. Once …

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French Perspective / South France

Late summer/France 2013 marks my year of establishment. It was the year when I decided to move to Glasgow for my postgraduate architectural studies. Being in a foreign country for several years has exposed me to a bigger picture of life and that is how Scotland has changed me forever. Everything here is just plain beautiful. From tenements, narrow streets, and take away coffee, to smoky breath on a misty morning, vast highlands, and wide lochs..every moment that crossed my eyes lives in my photos forever. Everything started with a daily documentation, simply photographing my journey as a student abroad. From those works, I developed my visual appreciation. The more I saw, the more I thought of things. Not only about the aesthetics, but also more about narrating what captured my attention. Photos that portray meaning. Every thought that I derived before the shutter was released. All those fundamentals that I acquired along my years of travel years. As I walked, my mind did its own traveling, in a way. European highlands and countryside unveiled …