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Oneday Wallflowers / Bangkok, Thailand

One of the many things to love about Bangkok, Thailand is being able to buy relatively affordable but still exquisite flowers. Case in point would be Oneday Wallflowers, a flower stall located in the Sukhumvit Soi 26 area. Much should be written about this shop, but like it’s soft-spoken owner florist Lux Suriyakumphol, the dainty creations he produces does the gentle marketing for the business. The fresh-picked and high-quality flowers are flawless for all occasions. The blooms and greens in Oneday are imported from Bangkok’s biggest flower market before being arranged into memorable handiwork for their clients. Apart from the colorful beauties, the shop also sells succulents, dubbed as the perfect plant for forgetful gardeners as they only require easy care. A good thing to note is that Lux is an architect, which means that he is very much hands on with everything about the shop’s offerings. Visit Oneday Wallflowers shop and delight in the diverse floral arrangements and potted plants on sight. And there’s always the pleasure of walking back toward your place, your …