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When the mountain is calling/ Mt Agung, Bali

Weeks before our Bali trip, we had been eyeing Mt. Agung based on the amazing photos we’ve seen online – where other hikers witnessed the sunrise at the mountain peak. Always up for a challenge, we decided to climb Mt. Agung, the tallest mountain on Bali at just under 10,000 ft. We began our prep by hiking along Singapore Macritchie Reservoir , thinking it would fully prepare us; we were dead wrong. The clear difference was in the elevation of the hike. We managed to rope in our friends for our hike as they have previously accomplished a Mt. Batur hike. Our hike got off to a pretty bad start as the driver who picked us up from our hotel got lost while heading to Mt. Agung. Needless to say, we were circling around Bali for a total of 2 hours in the wee hours of the morning. By the time we arrived at Pasar Agung Temple (one of the 3 routes available up to the summit of Mt. Agung), we were already an hour …


A little bit brighter / Bali, Indonesia

It was December 2015. My friend Chacha and I thought of going far from home for a holiday. Since circumstances did not permit it, we ended up with Bali as the destination for our first exploratory trip together. And thank goodness it turned out to be the perfect alternative for us. The trip itself gave us 17 days of discovering the amazing gems in the breathtaking land of Bali. Bali is truly just one of its kind. The beauty, the people, the culture, and what we personally addressed as the “goddess” ambiance all came together to welcome us with open arms. The laid-back atmosphere and tranquil environment went beyond our expectations.   Our first destination was Nusa Lembongan and Ceningan. It is an island not far from Bali, approximately 40 minutes of ferry travel time from Sanur beach point. The Lembongan and Ceningan areas are still in the process of land development. We took that as a huge advantage for people like us, who would like to discover a sense of cultural origin in a …


Solitary / Bali, Indonesia

It all started with two words: why not? That rhetorical question gave me my solitary adventure in Bali November of last year. My cousin just came from the island from her backpacking trip-around-the world and she had nothing but praises for the renowned tourist attraction. She said it would do me wonders to travel alone and just let myself be in the ‘Island of the Gods’. I have always travelled with family and friends and deciding to forge ahead by myself suddenly gave me an unexpected thrill. I had money to spare, time on my hands, and a resolve to know myself better, so why not? Thus began my most cherished season to find courage within me and beauty around me. Admittedly, the allure of this Indonesian tropical paradise has been enhanced with Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestselling memoir (adapted into a film starring Julia Roberts), Eat Pray Love. But as I would find out, the charm of Bali is not only due to its breathtaking sunset beaches, mystical temples, and spa clubs; its real staying power …


Bisma Eight / Bali, Indonesia

Ubud, long considered as Bali’s cultural heartland, is famed for its shrines, small farms, rice paddies, and dense forests. This mellow rural charm is the backdrop for Bisma Eight Hotel’s holistic ambiance and quiet luxury. This boutique hotel offers all the necessary comforts, but goes beyond basic expectations. From its soothing views of rice fields, a temperature-controlled infinity pool overlooking the Ubud Forest, and an alfresco restaurant/cafe in Copper Kitchen and Bar that serves up organic food sourced from neighboring farms, Bisma gives its guests a good spoiling with thoughtful respect for local context and culture. The accommodations comprise of 38 suite rooms and feature a living room and bedroom partitioned by Sungkai Wood panels for privacy. There are three room types available – forest, canopy, and garden – with differing views. The bathroom showcases a unique Japanese-inspired cedarwood soaking tub and rain-shower. Retractable reading lights in bed, meanwhile, let you in on the hotel’s admirable attention to detail. The spacious suite is designed for plenty of natural light to filter in and furnished mostly …

alila ubud

Alila Ubud / Bali, Indonesia

Alila Ubud Hotel is a tranquil escape made to overwhelm the senses. Nestled in a stunning landscape, the hotel boasts of quiet serenity and breathtaking views every nature-lover dreams of. The relaxed environment, the gourmet food, and the exceptional staff ensure that your experience is beyond expectation. Masterfully blending traditional Balinese architecture with contemporary design, Alila Ubud provides guests with sheer comfort and luxury. Alila Ubud is the top choice to experience all the best that the island of the Gods has to offer. Desa Melinggih Kelod, Payangan. Gianyar Bali; +62 361 975 963; Words by Evita Limlengco Photography by Franz Navarrete