Submission Guidelines

Our visual diary is aimed at Southeast Asians travelling in or out of Asia. We normally look for photo essays which brings about slow living and serenity. A clean and minimalistic look is much appreciated.




Wander Journal’s visual diary content is driven by submissions from a well-curated list of photojournalists. Our visual diary section caters to Southeast Asians traveling in or out of Asia. We are looking for photo essays which connote relaxed living and serenity. A clean and minimalistic approach is much appreciated.


Here are some rules that your submission must comply with:

Unpublished Materials

We prefer unpublished materials; however, if you are still keen to have your work featured on our website, our team will put it under consideration. Please let us know the name, month, and year of publication your work was featured in.


Article direction and photo selection is up to the Wander Journals creative team. We will try our best to ensure that the article comes out the way you have intended it to be. However, we hope you would also understand that Wander Journals has its own style and vibe that we need to maintain.



Please send them in Microsoft Word document. It would be best if you name the file after the title of your essay. The length should be around 500 to 1200 words, spanning roughly 2 to 3 paragraphs. We will have copy editors to edit your work but we strongly suggest you do your own editing first.


We only accept photos in high resolution. Instagram photos are not accepted. A minimum of 15 photos is required per submission.


The accompanying biography must be a short one, ideally composed of 3-4 sentences. Please see the published ones we have on the Contributors page for your guidance.

Contributor Perks

For the time being, we are unable to pay our contributors; but we will give you the appropriate credits for your work. The copyright ownership of your article and photos belong to you. Your profile will appear on our Contributors page. Your work will also be exposed to our readers, not just in Singapore but overseas as well. If you are happy with the conditions above, send in your work at . Please include your name and social media links. We’re a small team, so we would appreciate your patience.