Visual Diary

Worth the climb, Mt Bromo

mt bromo

Two days in Surabaya, then southbound toward the east of Java, and off to Mount Bromo.

It was an unforgettable experience. Long drives. Cold nights. A warm cup of strange Indonesian coffee. Packs of tourists. Hardly visible road paths. Sandstorms. 4×4 Toyotas. Tenggerese natives. Sand in your face making you choke. Incredibly thin air making you pant after climbing a flight of stairs. More tourists. Majestic horses. Steep climbs. Layers and layers of clothing. Experiencing the whole universe under a blanket of stars. Still more tourists.

Most people believe in the age-old cliche that it is the journey and not the destination that matters. I beg to differ. Mount Bromo was different. It IS the destination that supersedes any journey. The majesty that can be seen on location of the active volcano is just inspiring. There is something magical about the place. It was like filtered with a VSCO Cam preset or some nature fairy sprinkled pixie dust everywhere.
When morning comes, the sun would lay her hands on the sandy plains. I would watch my surroundings bloom like a withered rose coming to life. The hues of the sand would gently alternate its shades. Colors blend in with the violets and olives. It was gold. There isn’t any other expression that I could replace that with. I stood there in wonder.
Before I knew it, my camera died. These photos are only half of what I could show. From Mt. Penanjakan to the craters of Mt Bromo, but none from the Sea of Sands.
The mountain climb might be hard, but it is worth the view.

Words & photography by Izuan Mohati