Kamal Tung  instakamal
An ardent film photographer in a digital world, Kamal is an avid wanderer who lusts for travels into the unknown. When not actively pursuing his wanderlust, he revives people’s love for good old Polaroids at Freeze The Hands of Time, which he co-founded with his friends. His deep interest in letters resulted in him setting up a letter-writing service at Typeletters.




Evita Limlengco  insta evita

Evita is passionately pursuing her dream of writing for travel. She hopes that through reading her pieces, people would be inspired to let their feet wander and their souls wonder. Between moments of feeding her wanderlust, she plays with children for a living and dabbles in various creative projects for recreation.




Franz Navarrete  insta franz

Franz is a lifestyle photographer with an undying passion for wanderlust, interior design, and capturing people in their natural environment. He loves to spend as much time as possible near or in the ocean. His photo project, lilreddotfolks, documents the home-lives of inspiring creatives and entrepreneurs around Southeast Asia.




Dawn Lim  instaDawn_profile_b&w

Dawn Lim is a full-time writer and researcher with a solid background in architecture. She runs Virginia Who, an independent writing house that focuses on architecture and design contents. When she’s not reading or writing, she spends her time swimming, making food, and archiving houses.




Jordan Marzuki & Fatriana Zukhra  instaballetcat

Orthodox cat lovers and avid travellers – they are the couple behind the quirky Jakarta-based fashion label The Balletcats.




Mathieu Tan insta  & Gladys Soh insta  450A0290-2

Mathieu and Gladys are photographer duo based in Singapore. Their style of photography focuses on portraiture, with a keen perspective on fine-art style and analog photography. They work independently and have a stark love for film photography, which they feel adds to the entire presentation of the photograph. For their other interests, Mathieu is an avid rugby player who plays in the local club league, while Gladys spends time engaging in graphic designs and illustrations.




Kim Anh Doan instakim

Kim is the editor-in-chief and creative director of T·pot Journal – a food and lifestyle magazine based in Vietnam. She travels and works for different design agencies in South East Asia (currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand). She’s also passionate about good books, good food, and writing weird poems.





Vickii Ma  insta

Vickii Ma is a self-taught baker based in Singapore. As someone who enjoys the excitement that travelling brings, she is always thinking of the next city to visit. She runs Vickii Ma, a site that documents her recipes, travelling experiences and various beauty and lifestyle content. She also dabbles in photography, social media marketing and is a lover of clean aesthetics. In her free time, she enjoys making food and doing yoga.


Ly Yeow  insta ly yeow

Ly is a Singapore-based artist whose sketches are known to be whimsical and emotive, as she delicately translates life’s joyful moments into art. Her happy medium includes found materials like wood, stone, and sometimes even leaves. She loves traveling and has drawn murals in the hostels she has stayed in, among them Star Hostel Taipei, Dorm 1828 Tainan, Rain Hayne, and Shine Farm in Melbourne.



Noor Iskandar  insta nooriskandar

Noor is an award-winning, multidisciplinary artist based in Singapore. With a solid background in photography and digital imaging, he passionately investigates the blurred lines of beauty and truth in today’s newly-formed realities and prejudices. His ardour for lyrical poetry and emotional gravity are often reflected in his works.




Izuan Mohati insta IMG_1944.JPG

Izuan is a Singapore-based photographer/videographer who has an affinity for art films, visual illustrations, and professional craft. He spends most of his time walking, exploring, and observing things. In his spare time, he likes drinking filtered coffee, cycling, listening to old jazz records, and watching films.



Ron Cruz insta roncruz

Ron Cruz is a Filipino travel blogger of and a visual artist behind #OneCruz. Currently based in Singapore, Ron explores the world to find unconventional art inspirations and unexpected travel stories. His future plans include retiring by the beach and managing his own art gallery of contemporary artists.





Amizyo Hairie  insta   ami

Amizyo is an interactive designer who dabbles in several creative outlets on a daily basis. His photos exhibit simple lines, good food, and natural wonders. He has a deep sympathy for people who switch the fonts on their phones into a cursive mess, and dreams of a future where Taco Bell has returned to Singapore.





Jerald Saw insta jerald

Jerald’s passion for minimal photography has been his trademark while his artistic style is greatly influenced by his pursuit of perfection. His desire to explore and travel never allowed his feet to stay in one place for too long. A strong believer of personal style and character, his motto is: It doesn’t matter what others are doing, as long as you do what you love and love what you do.




Tenthousandthspoon insta thousand

Jayde De Jesus and Jaclyn Garcia, the sisters behind the Instagram page tenthousandthspoon, share a love of food, styling, and photography. One of their projects is to style and photograph Filipino food in a modern perspective to make it more visually appealing to a younger and wider audience. They are currently residing in Laguna, Philippines and dream of writing a Filipino cookbook one day.



Yap Yen instaprofile

Yap Yen is a writer based in Singapore. She is also a budding photographer who feels more comfortable being behind the scenes. She is happiest when she’s in the mountains and almost never says no to a cup of tea.




Saiful Irfan insta saiful irfan

Singapore-based photographer Saiful Irfan captures people and sceneries for Marguerite Magazine. A film camera enthusiast, he seeks out new experiences everyday and finds solace in his travels. He relishes the escape in unfamiliar places, the stillness of bus rides, and quality tea time.



Luthfi Kautsar instaluthfi

Luthfi Kautsar is a visual thinker and storyteller from Pekanbaru, Indonesia. Currently based in Singapore for his studies,he has a penchant for exploring the rawest forms of life. He adheres to the highest form of aesthetic appreciation as he creates a web of interesting stories with his photos.





Marilyn Yun Jin instaYun Jin_Contributor photo

Yun Jin is a Singapore-based visual artist. She is also known as Marilyn or Marls. She can always be found carrying a film camera and a journal to document her daily experiences. She also runs a publishing studio, Knuckles & Notch, based in Singapore.




Jean Paolo Ty  insta pao pic
Pao is a Filipino living in Singapore. He is married to Karen, the other half of Parabole, a filmmaking outfit striving to tackle social issues. A day doesn’t go by without him tinkering with his bikes or thinking about cycling around the world. He loves photography and is happiest when it’s used for advocacy.




Syazwan Asyraf  insta syazwan

Syazwan Asyraf, a passionate self-taught photographer with a background in architecture. Skilled in travel, editorial, and architectural assignment. Experienced in both backpacking and hillwalking exploration, especially in Scotland and the Europe regions.




Gio Diaz contributorpic_giodiaz

Gio works in IT and does photography as a hobby or side work for some clients or friends. Besides capturing moments in weddings and social events, he is also quite passionate about macro photography of insects. He considers himself a rather late bloomer when it comes to traveling.




Ethan Tan instaf1050007

Ethan Tan is an amateur photographer who enjoys shooting street scenes and portraits. While enjoying the conveniences of digital photography and Adobe Lightroom, Ethan also enjoys the process of film photography on various formats. He is probably Nguan’s number one fan and would make everything pastel if he could.