Visual Diary

A little bit brighter / Bali, Indonesia


It was December 2015. My friend Chacha and I thought of going far from home for a holiday. Since circumstances did not permit it, we ended up with Bali as the destination for our first exploratory trip together. And thank goodness it turned out to be the perfect alternative for us. The trip itself gave us 17 days of discovering the amazing gems in the breathtaking land of Bali.

Bali is truly just one of its kind. The beauty, the people, the culture, and what we personally addressed as the “goddess” ambiance all came together to welcome us with open arms. The laid-back atmosphere and tranquil environment went beyond our expectations.  

Our first destination was Nusa Lembongan and Ceningan. It is an island not far from Bali, approximately 40 minutes of ferry travel time from Sanur beach point. The Lembongan and Ceningan areas are still in the process of land development. We took that as a huge advantage for people like us, who would like to discover a sense of cultural origin in a specific place. We rented a bike each and explored the island that way. We discovered so many beautiful things which opened our eyes and hearts. It made us realize how small we actually were in the enormity and loftiness of God’s creations. 

After Lembongan and Ceningan, our next stop was Ubud. It was a scorching day, but putting up with the heat was worth it. Ubud is the majestic greenish area of Bali, famous for its stunning scenes of rice paddies. Painters, poets, and nature lovers also enjoy this spot because the view is hard to beat. We are grateful to our good friend and favorite storyteller, Govinda Rumi, who showed us around Ubud that day. The highlight of our exploration in Ubud was the ‘‘Teletubbies Hill” as the locals call them. Perhaps they call it such because the hills look pretty similar to the ones found in the children’s cartoon. We particularly like this area because of the lush greenery and cool breeze. We were in awe of it all and so we immersed ourselves in that unhurried moment.

Canggu Beach, located in the northern part of Seminyak, is surely our favorite highlight of Denpasar. We spent an evening at Old’s Man Bar and was pleasantly surprised with the sunset view. On our last day in Bali, the natural forces conspired to give us a memorable scenery to take away in our hearts and minds. 


Words & Photography by Luthfi Kautsar